Why The Business Meeting Must Evolve—Or Go Extinct

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Meetings have played an important role in business as far back as 600 BCE, when many Greek cities housed an agora. The term agora comes from ageírein, which means to gather together.

Whether they’re held on Zoom or in the conference room, today’s business meetings have little resemblance to the bustling public spaces of ancient Greece, where vital information was exchanged among neighbors, and merchants gathered for a singular sales opportunity. Though we now have copious technology for sharing vital information asynchronously and sharing team updates, meetings have remained so integrated into our business landscape that we don’t even question them. They just show up on our calendars, and then we show up to them. For many of us, meetings are almost synonymous with work.

Three consultants from Bain concluded that just one weekly executive meeting ate up 300,000 workload hours…

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