Financial Planning

At Stafford Thorpe, financial planning means so much more than creating a cookie-cutter portfolio outline. It means aligning your financial life with your real life. Your investment advisor will plan your portfolio around your goals, your dreams, and your needs. Together, you and your advisor will:

  • Discuss your aspirations for the future
  • Prioritize your goals
  • Plan your investments around meaningful benchmarks
  • Track your progress
  • Reevaluate your approach as you progress through life


Financial planning considers your life goals, as well as family education goals, global assets, debt management, cash-flow requirements, and retirement planning. It’s all part of the same process. Once you’ve clarified your goals, your Stafford Thorpe Advisor will develop an asset allocation blueprint to achieve these objectives.

Staying Flexible

Most people’s journey is not linear. Life has a way of throwing curve balls, both opportunities and unexpected events. As your goals and priorities evolves, you and your advisor will discuss how best to adjust your investments to keep you on track. Life changes that can materially impact your investments can include getting married, having a baby, divorce, changing careers, medical costs, and receiving an inheritance.

Your Path Forward

As you progress with your career and build more wealth, you may have new dreams and goals that your Stafford Thorpe Advisor can incorporate into your overall financial plans. Whether this means starting a new business, taking a dream vacation, going back to school, buying a second home or retiring early, we’ll adjust your financial plans to keep up with your life.

Everything We Do Is All About You

At Stafford Thorpe, we have a deep respect for planning. When you’re ready to start thinking about the life you want, and what you’re investing toward, talk to us. We will help you plan effectively, set a realistic path to your future, and invest wisely.

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As a client of Stafford Thorpe, you’ll be empowered, respected and supported – wealth management you deserve.