Why choose Stafford Thorpe for your investment decisions?

Every client works with a dedicated investment advisor, who will work with you to build an investment portfolio that meets your needs. Your advisor will provide ongoing service and support and manage your investment portfolio. Whenever there is something you need to know, such as a new opportunity or a change needed in your portfolio, we’ll get in touch with you. Additionally, you can speak with your advisor anytime about current events or the economy.

Experienced, Professional Investment Expertise

You will profit from the depth of investment knowledge at Stafford Thorpe. This includes the extensive expertise of our research analysts and asset allocation committee, in addition to abilities of a highly qualified investment manager.

Bespoke Advice

All advice will be tailored to your specific needs. Your investment manager will interview you to learn about your investment goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and investing knowledge. They will also inquire about your overall financial situation, and other requirements such as generating income or responsible investing. They will recommend a portfolio based on this information.

Regular Communication and Reviews

Your investment adviser will conduct an annual review of your portfolio to ensure that it is still appropriate for your circumstances and current market conditions. They’ll contact you if they believe you need to make changes to your investments, and they’ll keep you informed with regular communication.

Responsible Investing

When building portfolios, we always keep an eye on the long-term horizon. There is no denying that ESG (environmental, social and governance) and responsible investing are altering the investment landscape. As well as reflecting your values, the concept of responsible investing is gaining momentum and is increasingly important when building an investment portfolio that is positioned for future prosperity. It has become a key element of fundamental analysis.

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As a client of Stafford Thorpe, you’ll be empowered, respected and supported – wealth management you deserve.