Charities and Foundation Management

Investment Management For Charities And Other Non-Profits

Investment portfolios that carefully balance charitable and financial objectives

Trustees are tasked with identifying and implementing the optimal investment strategy to meet the goals of a charity or other non-profit organization. As a trustee, you are responsible for ensuring that the organization’s assets and investment portfolios are optimized to achieve its charitable and financial goals. This can be a complicated equilibrium.

For generations, the Stafford Thorpe specialist charities team has worked with charities to help shape their financial futures, establishing long-term partnerships to ensure that we not only understand your investment objectives, but also your charity’s philanthropic goals.

Developing Investment Portfolios For Charitable Organizations

At Stafford Thorpe, our approach is predicated on the notion that every charitable organization is unique and has distinct needs. We work directly with trustees and executives to create investment portfolios tailored to each charity’s specific needs, values, and objectives.

ESG For Charitable Institutions

We understand that effectively managing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters is fundamental to the investment requirements for many charitable investments. Portfolio management should support charitable goals and where possible, enhance them.  Our customized approach enables us to tailor the portfolio to your specific requirements. The incorporation of qualitative and quantitative factors, governance transparency, risk management, the beneficial effect of impact investing, good stewardship, and engagement can reassure trustees. We can report on a variety of ESG scores, carbon emission metrics, and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for each charity portfolio.

Trustees and their investment managers can work together to conduct regular reviews of the holdings in their portfolio. Being actively involved enables us to engage directly with those companies that are working toward improving their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores, as opposed to screening them out automatically. This investment strategy is one that is always evolving and continues to be at the core of our overall investment philosophy.

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