Why Economic News Affects Your Personal Finances—And How To Get Informed

Sola Adesakin, Lead Coach and Founder, Smart Stewards.


I believe everyone operates in at least three financial economies: your personal economy, or how you make and manage your finances; the national economy of the country where you live; and the global economy, which ultimately impacts both your national and personal economies. While your personal economy includes issues within your control, the other two economies have a greater impact on your personal finances than you might imagine.

Lessons From My Own Experience

I see many people treat economic policies and news like they don’t matter, especially when it comes to how they affect their finances. I am reminded of the early days of my career, when, as a chartered accountant, I didn’t care about organizing my own finances, let alone what was going on in my country’s economy or global economic news. It was only when I started to pay attention to…

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