What Those In The Entertainment Business Should Know Before Doing Business In Saudi Arabia

CEO at Jazo P.R. and an experienced publicist with extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry and the Gulf region. IMDB credits.


At first glance, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) might seem like a place where everyone knows everyone—where anyone may be reached all the way to the top through a friend or a relative, and where there are few degrees of separation between people. As a result, it is common to perceive huge business opportunities are just within reach. They are often not. Much time, effort and resources are wasted in pursuit.

The underlying reasons for this are many—mostly varying forms of a mismatch of expectations. Add to this the fast pace of change (the Saudi government is like a startup). Policies, positions and priorities seem to change on a daily basis. And with a culture that never says “no” to your face, it’s pretty easy to see how one may get stuck scratching…

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