Video Quick Take: Advisor360°’s Jed Maczuba on the Digital Transformation of Wealth Management

Todd Pruzan, HBR 

Jed, digital transformation is really a necessary part of any business model. How are your customers thinking about digital transformation these days?

Jed Maczuba, Chief Technology Officer

That’s a great question, Todd. I don’t think anybody can argue against the importance of digital transformation to a business these days. So we all know that that’s important. Advisor360° recently completed a survey of the wealth management industry. And the research came back clear. Subpar technology costs advisors business.

And in our survey results, 65% of advisors have reportedly lost business because their tech let them down. Advisors in the wealth management space see technology as an extension of their practice. So newer capabilities and innovations really have a significant impact on how they engage with their clients, how they establish…

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