Venezuelan Currency Plunges Almost 40% Against the US Dollar, Analysts Cite Crypto Drought as Part of the Problem – Economics Bitcoin News

The Venezuelan fiat currency, the bolivar, has lost almost 40% in its exchange rate against the U.S. dollar in a month. According to reports, the seasonal payments that the government has to make, and the lack of liquidity of the government to intervene in the currency market are part of the equation leading to this, however, some also include crypto as part of the problem.

Venezuelan Currency Takes a Nosedive

The Venezuelan currency, the bolivar, has been losing its value at an alarming rate after enjoying a period of relative stability recently. The currency has lost almost a 40% against the U.S. dollar in parallel markets, with citizens being alarmed at the accelerated pace of the devaluation. According to the popular price index Monitordolar, each dollar had a price of 9.05 bolivares on Oct. 25. The exchange rate increased to 12.63 bolivares per dollar on No. 26.

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