UNCTAD calls for a bold international economic agenda to avert another lost decade for developing countries

Developing countries are facing a projected foregone income of $800 billion and battling unprecedented levels of debt distress.

© 2020 suprabhat/Shutterstock | A woman receives food aid in India.

Global growth is expected to be lower than earlier projected, signalling a potential economic downturn.
Developing countries face mounting debt and insufficient international support, risking another lost decade.
The banking crisis highlights long-neglected financial fragilities and regulatory weaknesses.
Declining energy costs lead to lower inflation, but elevated food prices maintain a high cost of living in many developing countries.
Growing global asymmetries threaten developing countries’ resilience, requiring stronger multilateral action and an urgent focus on sovereign debt architecture.

UNCTAD in its latest Trade and Development Report Update released on 12 April…

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