Trail map for sanctioned motorbikes in N.J.’s Pinelands moves forward, despite enviro concerns

Campers visiting the New Jersey Pinelands or residents who have called the region home for years sometimes hear the echoes of a revving engine and the sloshing of mucky tires against the forest floor as a motorbike races through the trees nearby.

“They assume it’s an enduro. It probably isn’t,” Tom Hedden, an official with the East Coast Enduro Association, tells NJ Advance Media, while referring to the distinction between the motorbikes and illegal off-road vehicles.

“We’re here to be good community members,” Hedden added. “We aren’t supporting any illegal activity and there’s nothing that we’re doing that’s clandestine, or trying to hide in dark corners. Exactly the opposite … and we certainly don’t want to destroy the woods. We love the woods.”

Use of off-road vehicles, which include ATVs and dirt bikes, in New Jersey fall under a set of strict restrictions outlined by the…

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