Three Filters For Testing Your Business Idea

Filters can be confirmation for what you were going to start the business on anyway. In any case, make sure you are embarking on something you love and that it is authentic to you, because it is going to get difficult.


“Do what you love, and you never work a day in your life.” Every successful entrepreneur and every single book on the topic of ‘what’ to start your business in will recite this quote—and they’re right. The problem for me was that I never really knew how to filter what I loved to do. I did not know how to get below the surface and comb through the mirage of answers that appeared. I’d spend time making lists of what I loved, thinking about what I loved, but it was like putting your finger on Jell-O—every time I thought I had it, it moved and remained elusive.

After some thinking and soul-searching, I came up with three filters you need to harmonize to help you find…

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