The Week in Business: Shoppers Open Their Wallets

What’s Up? (Nov. 20-26)An Inflation-Era Holiday Season

Bank account looking a little leaner than usual after Thanksgiving? That’s not altogether surprising. Those who had the classic dishes on the table on Thursday — turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes and, of course, lots of butter in nearly everything — paid as much as 41 percent more for their dinner this year than last. But many dug deeper into their wallets on Friday, kicking off a holiday shopping season that has billions of dollars riding on it. As inflation has climbed, showing signs of moderation only recently, interest rates have increased and pandemic fears have largely receded, retailers have struggled to keep up with consumers’ shifting habits. Some have found success with introducing holiday goods in the late summer and early fall and rolling out more early discounts.

A Shake-Up at Disney

In a surprising move, Disney on Sunday night…

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