The lesson of TPM: wealth needs to circulate through the global economy

© Andrii Yalanskyi

By Nick Savvides

Mums are often depicted as wise, all-knowing people, and mine was no different, her world view, advanced from a modest base in the mountains north of Limassol, Cyprus, was that the “poor could not afford the rich”.

Who am I to argue with my mum?

But sons can be arrogant and capricious creatures, so forgive me, mum. I need to tell her that her 20th century views are out of date; the world is changing. Thus spake the speakers at this week’s TPM event in Long Beach, California.

We heard from retired US general David Petraeus that the return of protectionism after a series of economic shocks had given rise to the re-evaluation of supply chains by shippers.

MSC CEO Soren Toft concurred, arguing that shippers will diversify supply chains…

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