The Awakening Of The Heart In Business

Surinder Kullar, Transformation Coach.


In my 25 years of working globally in the corporate world, I can count on one hand the leaders I know who worked from the heart. I recall being told when I graduated, When you come to work, leave your heart at home and bring your head to work. That comment never aligned with me, and I ignored it, but it was quite clear to me that the work environment was dominated by this kind of energy. For many years I wondered what life would be like if there were more heart in the workplace.

Humanity is evolving and moving into a new paradigm where the heart’s energy is much more prominent. With the complexities around the world and in organizations, there is a need for leaders to connect with their teams from a place of heart, unity and togetherness. In order for organizations to move away from the more traditional leadership styles of command and control—which do…

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