Tesla Model S Plaid Arrives In Europe, Higher Top Speed, Tow Hitch

The Tesla Model S Plaid has reportedly arrived in Europe, and it seems deliveries have started. This became somewhat clear after new Plaid owners posted various messages and images online. According to Teslarati, Plaid owners in Germany posted images of the Model S’ Certificate of Conformity.

A Certificate of Conformity ensures that goods can move across Europe freely. It also has important information about the product. In this case, there are some details about the Euro-spec Model S Plaid that were previously unknown. Assuming it’s confirmed that deliveries have actually started and the images are real, we now have information about the Plaid’s top speed and towing.

Teslarati found the images of the certificate on a German Tesla forum. The publication credits user s3bbo for posting the images. The owner placed the Model S Plaid order in January 2021 and waited nearly two years to take delivery….

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