Tesla Model S and Model X updated with new Ultra Red paint, round steering wheel

The Tesla Model S and Model X are getting a few small updates just days after another round of price reductions.

Most obvious is a new paint color that Tesla calls Ultra Red (pictured above and seen in the video below). It’s being made available for both the Model S and Model X, and it will cost an extra $3,000, making it the most expensive paint option on the menu.

Introducing Ultra Red paint for Model S & X pic.twitter.com/CFT1sdyIr1

— Tesla (@Tesla)
March 9, 2023

In addition to the red paint, Tesla says its glass roof on both vehicles weighs less and lets in five times as much light as before. Tesla follows that by saying the new roof offers the same level of UV protection — that said, glass roofs still have their pluses and minuses. We don’t know how much lighter the new glass roof is, but any amount of weight loss is a net positive for improving the car’s center of…

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