Tesla Caves, Now Offers Round Steering Wheel on Model S and X

Critics haven’t exactly been kind to Tesla’s steering yoke. Standard on the Model S and Model X since 2021, it’s received largely negative reviews from publications and buyers alike. Now, over a year later, the electric carmaker has finally caved and added a round steering wheel option back into its two most expensive products.

Keen-eyed internet sleuths spotted the update to Tesla’s configurator site on Thursday night, where a more traditional round steering wheel can now be added to the S and X as a no-cost option. Already own a yoke-equipped Tesla? You can have the steering wheel retrofitted for $700. The new wheel seems to share much of the yoke’s layout, with two scroll wheels and touch-capacitive buttons for things like turn signals and lighting.

Much of the yoke’s controversy stems from its impracticality during low speeds and tight maneuvers. While the shape might look cool, it’s…

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