Survey Finds Business Leaders Optimistic for 2023

News has been mixed in 2022. While the economic climate has fluctuated throughout the year, according to a new survey from Nationwide insurance conducted in October of 2022, business owners feel optimistic about the coming year.

The survey included both small and mid-market business owners, with nearly 900 participating in the survey.

Key Survey Findings

Some of the key findings in the survey include the following:

58% of small business owners indicate that they are currently struggling with how inflation is impacting their business, with 54% of mid-market businesses reporting the same68% of small business owners and 64% of mid-market business owners expect inflation to have an even greater impact on their business in 202358% of mid-market business owners continue to struggle with a labor shortage42% of mid-market businesses expect to face challenges with retaining current workers

Despite these…

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