S’mores Overnight Oats Recipe

S’mores overnight oats taste like a marshmallow chocolate explosion in a bowl. Chewy overnight oats are studded with mini marshmallows and mixed with graham crumbs for the most delicious flavor. Serve with a mini chocolate covered graham cracker on top!

Every season is s’mores season over here!

If you love chewy overnight oats like I do, this s’mores version is going to become your new favorite breakfast. I love to prep overnight oats for the week – they even make a great snack. This s’mores combo is flavorful with lots of texture so, so delicious. 

I know that overnight oats can be rather polarizing – not everyone wants to eat cold oats and some people don’t like the chew and texture. However, I LOVE THEM. Like, adore them. Triple love them. 

The chewy, cold texture is exactly what I love for breakfast. Plus, the fact that you can add layers of flavor and tons of toppings always…

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