Sen. Kaine Meets with Minority Small Business Owners in Williamsburg

Senator Tim Kaine poses with MAKE ‘ur MERCH owners after Meet and Greet (Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

WILLIAMSBURG — Sen. Tim Kaine jokes that he always brings bad weather when he visits Williamsburg, but, the rain did not hinder 22 local, minority-owned business owners from attending a session to discuss their needs.

The event was hosted by MAKE ‘ur MERCH Boutique, a local co-merchandising retail boutique that offers creative small business owners a space with equipment to work on projects and a storefront to sell their products.

Kaine received a tour of the facility from MAKE ‘ur MERCH co-owner Ti’Juana Gholson.

Ti’Juana Gholson explains her business model to Senator Kaine (Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

“Small businesses and start-ups do not always get the attention they deserve,” said Kaine, “I think because I grew up in a small business household, I always want to…

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