Russell Westbrook Means Business

The former NBA MVP isn’t waiting until retirement to start building an empire. With a team of billionaire advisors, the 14th-highest-paid athlete in the world is already scoring with his fashion brand, advertising agency and other lucrative investments. Next up, his un-sexiest business venture yet.
By Matt Craig, Forbes Staff

In his office high above Avenue of the Stars in Los Angeles, Russell Westbrook makes an executive decision. Ditching his white dress shirt, he walks into his Forbes photo shoot with his bare chest peeking out from beneath his tan linen suit, accessorized with thick black boots and a gold necklace.

It’s hard to imagine too many other aspiring business moguls making a similar fashion choice, but then again, most don’t have the body of a nine-time NBA All-Star, or the flair for fashion. It’s a fitting look for the 34-year-old Los Angeles Clippers point guard, who is…

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