Rethink The Business Presentation: Four Things To Avoid

John Lowe is an Executive Faculty, Coach and Business Presentations Expert at Ty Boyd, Inc.


By now you would think death by PowerPoint was a forgotten phenomenon, but you would be wrong. Remarkably, business people continue to waste their audience’s time with boring, redundant and uninteresting presentations, filled with bullet points, charts and graphs, and information that is not important to the listener. In my work with business teams, especially sales teams, it amazes me that so many are so dysfunctional in the way they tell their story.

I believe we (the business community at large) are still less-than-compelling presenters for four primary reasons. I will share them with you here.

1. Laziness

Rather than take the time to be prepared to carry the conversation and know the subject matter adequately, it is much easier to simply put it on the slides. Have several bullet points per slide,…

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