Relief for small businesses included in $38M supplemental budget

Gov. Janet Mills on Tuesday signed a supplemental budget into law that includes $6.5 million to extend health insurance relief for small businesses.

The budget covers state-funded initiatives and transfers of around $38 million, most of which are one-time payments. The measure is an adjustment to the 2022-23 biennial state budget, which is in effect through June 30, 2023.

The measure was overwhelmingly approved by state lawmakers in Augusta last week by a vote of 113-21 in the House and 24-5 in the Senate. The Legislature’s Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee also gave its unanimous support.

“The supplemental budget will help Maine nursing facilities, hospitals, small businesses, and others while keeping our budget balanced,” Mills said. “I thank the Legislature for its strong bipartisan support for the measure, and I look forward to working with…

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