Qatar Investment Authority Doubles Stake in Credit Suisse Group (CS)

Fintel reports that Qatar Investment Authority has filed a 13G/A form with the SEC disclosing ownership of 272,251,995 shares of Credit Suisse Group (CS). This represents 6.87% of the company.

In their previous filing dated November 17, 2021 they reported 133,217,522 shares and 5.57% of the company, an increase in shares of 104.37% and an increase in total ownership of 1.30% (calculated as current – previous percent ownership).

Credit Suisse Group AG is a global investment bank and financial services firm founded and based in Switzerland.

What are other large shareholders doing?

Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management Llc holds 26,414,081 shares representing 0.67% ownership of the company….

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