Positive Trends In Global Economy



By Anjan Roy :


There are indications now that the talk of an impending recession in the world economy is receding. After all, a global recession might be avoided, though not an immediate return of leaping growth rates.


Financial markets are now gaining buoyancy. But the real economy would come to play. It looks as though the key would still be how the Russian invasion in Ukraine would go. Will the energy markets revert back to sustainable levels? The oil market reports now indicate a move towards stability. Prices are no longer jumping. Hopefully, the New Year would show some positive trends.


A CHRISTMAS celebration has started at least on the global stock markets. The financial markets are showing a surprising buoyancy and climbing new heights. Indian stock markets jumped up. The representative BSE index rose by close to 1000 points and touched its historic record high of 62,412. The NSE index…

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