Opinion: California Lawmakers Must Protect Small Businesses from Bogus ADA Lawsuits

San Diego Superior Court. Photo by Chris Stone

I’ve helped run a small watersports equipment rental, lessons and tours shop in San Diego for several years, and while it has mostly been a positive experience, the recent string of ADA lawsuit abuse plaguing our state has made it significantly more challenging to operate. 

These lawsuits, which are often filed by unscrupulous attorneys looking to make a quick buck, exploit loopholes in the Americans with Disabilities Act to force businesses into paying ridiculous settlements — in some ways as a type of extortion. 

That’s why I’m urging lawmakers to pass reforms protecting small businesses like mine from these abusive lawsuits. 

Many loopholes have become popular targets by those who hope to make a quick buck off the honest labor of small businesses like mine. They will file a complaint with the business owner, alleging that they…

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