New York’s small business growth shows no sign of slowing

Some execonomists believe the record-breaking small business growth seen over the last couple years will continue into 2023.

Suzanne Peters and John Denman opened The Pawsitive Cafe last summer.

“It’s a nice place to de-stress and kind of wind down a little bit,” Denman said. “Cats are known to lower blood pressure, lower anxiety levels.”

It’s much to the joy of shelter cats and cat lovers alike.

“Just this month there were like six at the door just waiting for you, sitting and staring like, pet me, pet me, pet me,” customer Jason Mayotte said. “And it’s just like, how can you not? How can you not?”

They’re one of the many small businesses that have popped up since the pandemic, a nationwide trend that broke records in 2021 with 5.4 million applications and continued into last year. And despite the economy, the National Economic Council expects this trend to continue in 2023.

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