New D.A.’s plan to bring the office ‘back on track’

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Just a day after Bill Hicks was appointed as the new District Attorney, Yvonne Rosales’s name was removed from the DA’s office at the courthouse and Hicks already announcing how he will bring the office “back on track.”

In his first interview Hicks promised, besides the Walmart shooting case he will prioritize the case backlog and staffing shortage at the DA’s office.

Chief public defender Kelli Childress-Diaz said she hopes that the communication between her and DA’s office will improve with Hicks in office, as well as the cases moving faster.

Childress-Diaz filed almost 1000 cases that were dismissed while Rosales was in office, saying there are about that many more eligible for dismissal.

“Mr. Hicks talking about that being one of his top priorities is music to my ears. We’re really anxious to get things running smoothly again, get…

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