Monique S. Allard announced as the new vice president for student life – Annenberg Media

USC alum Dr. Monique S. Allard is no stranger to Troy. After being a student and a faculty member at USC, she is now ready to open the door to her new permanent position as the vice president for student life.

“I am really excited, I am really honored, and it really is wonderful to be a part of our campus for so many years; USC is home to me,” Allard said.

The new vice president completed her master’s degree and doctorate in education at Rossier School of Education. Allard has over 25 years of experience in the realm of student affairs, albeit advising, counseling or simply giving students a voice. Additionally, she has served as an adjunct assistant professor at Rossier, as well as the senior leader in student affairs since 2013.

“I come here [to USC] every day to serve,” Allard said. “I know a lot of us are excited about future planning and really looking at how we can think critically about…

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