Luis Robert Jr.’s removal from Saturday’s game was managerial decision

The decision to replace Luis Robert Jr. in Saturday’s game was a managerial decision, according to the White Sox.

The play in question came during the bottom of the first inning as Robert Jr. was seen jogging down the line on an infield ground ball. Though it was hard to tell in real-time on the broadcast, replay angles showed Robert Jr. grimace shortly after making his strides toward first, leading some to believe he suffered an injury. That doesn’t seem to be the case for now, however, and displeased fans let Robert Jr. hear it with a shower of boos after the play. Oscar Colas eventually replaced Robert Jr. in the bottom of the second inning as a pinch-hitter.

Robert Jr., 25, has been in the midst of a brutal slump that has caused many to question his plate approach and placement at the top of the lineup. In 26 games this season, he’s hitting…

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