Logitech MX Keys S Review

Logitech’s productivity peripherals have impressed in recent years, with both the Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard and the Editors’ Choice award-winning Logitech MX Master 3S cordless mouse among our favorites. Now Logitech has revisited and revised 2019’s MX Keys in the form of the MX Keys S ($109.99). The wireless keyboard is strikingly similar to its predecessor, with minor physical updates that productivity fiends will no doubt appreciate—if they notice them at all. Meanwhile, the star of the show is actually a software update: Smart Actions, the latest addition to Logitech’s Options+ keyboard and mouse software, helps you automate tasks and streamline workflows with a touch of a button. The MX Keys S isn’t cheap, but it occupies a nice niche between generic office keyboards and deluxe mechanical keyboards.

The MX Keys to the Kingdom

To see how much the MX Keys S resembles the 2019 original, look no…

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