Local Native-Owned Business Celebrates Return of Buffalo to the Northland

SAWYER, MN – “My great-great grandfather was Chief Buffalo, and I wrote a story about him for work about a year, maybe a year and a half ago, and after that I had a dream and he came to me and he said, “Bring back my namesake,” said David Wise, owner of Nature Wise.

Almost immediately after having that dream, David and his wife started the process of bringing buffalo back to the Fond du Lack Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. Last Friday, they were able to see all their hard work pay off, celebrating the arrival of 12 buffalo from a nature preserve in Nebraska. Organizations like The Nature Conservancy and Tanka Fund help make it possible for these animals to return to native lands after being on the brink of extinction 150 years ago.

“To think about having almost lost them many, many years ago to near extinction and now you get to actually look at them in your backyard. The…

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