Leadership Can Prepare For Changing Business Trends With A Longer-Term Lens

Richard Chiumento, Director, The Rialto Consultancy.


Organizational leaders are being tested like never before. From the global pandemic to business model disruption and talent shortages, every day seems to bring new challenges. In many cases, survival has been the name of the game.

But one of the big leadership questions going forward is “How can I continue to fight fires today while lighting the touchpaper for future investment and innovation?” To reposition and prepare for the longer-term world of work evolutions, leaders should consider two important factors.

The Major Areas Of Change To Focus On

Looking ahead for the year, organizational leaders are taking stock of what they’ve learned from a time of constant, urgent change and unexpected external developments. They’re also wondering how they can ride the next curve of demand. What are the major areas of underlying change that…

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