Lawmaker Bares Blow-By-Blow Of Marjorie Taylor Greene Spy Balloon ‘S**tshow’

A Democratic lawmaker has spilled the tea on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s cringey performance at a recent classified briefing, which included a North American Air Defense Command general, about the Chinese spy balloon.

A source had earlier told the media that the “irrational” Georgia Republican had pitched a fit during the briefing. Greene herself had even boasted about her behavior at the presentation earlier this month. “I tore ’em to pieces,” she bragged to The Hill. “I chewed them out.”

But Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen, who was on the scene, served up more details. He said he deliberately stayed until the end of the briefing so he could witness Greene in action because “I knew it would be a shitshow.”

“She’s unbelievable. … She made a total, absolute fool of herself,” when she let loose, Cohen said in an interview on the “Beyond Politics” podcast earlier this week. (See…

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