Kabbage from American Express CMO Brett Sussman on Supporting Small Businesses with TikTok

Key Takeaways:

Reaching Small Businesses with TikTok – Brett Sussman’s team at Kabbage from American Express is dedicated to highlighting and amplifying Small Business Owners. The most recent way of doing so is by forging a unique partnership with TikTok that offers eligible small businesses incentives for advertising on the app.

Social Media as a Commerce Tool – More than half of Small Business Owners who are not currently on TikTok agree that they would be able to attract more new customers if their business had a presence on the app. Brett Sussman and his team are willing and able to provide data that solidifies the various benefits for Small Business Owners using the app.

Elevator (Campaign) Pitches – An effective campaign is a difficult task to accomplish. In today’s multichannel environment, Brett Sussman and Kabbage believe finding the correct need for their partners is…

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