“It supports the people” local business share the importance of shopping small

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va (WFXR) — Several local businesses came together this weekend to celebrate Small Business Saturday. The day is used as a chance to support small businesses in the community– but local business owners tell WFXR they need ongoing support.

Shannon Schultz is the owner of “Like a Moth to a Frame” she tells WFXR that supporting small businesses puts money directly into the hands of people and families in your local community.

“Shopping small supports the people,” said Schultz.

Dozens of small businesses gathered in Forest at the “Peaksview Holiday Market on Saturday.
Event organizer and small business owner Katelyn Chewning says shopping small benefits the community as a whole.

“It stays here you know; you’re putting your money where your community is, the people who really cherish everything you purchase it makes a huge difference to them,” said…

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