Is a Hybrid Workplace the Right Move for Your Small Business?

For small businesses facing challenges in recruiting and retaining a talented workforce, a hybrid workplace may be a solution. Offering a mix of in-office and remote work provides employees greater flexibility and can benefit employers in several ways.

Many small businesses have embraced the option of a flexible workplace, according to an American Express online survey of small businesses from September 2022, which found that 49% of respondents were offering hybrid and remote work options. Of that group, 77% reported that doing so helped them attract new employees.

“The hybrid-remote model can work for any industry, but how you implement that may differ between each industry,” says Kaleem Clarkson, chief operating officer of Blend Me Inc., a consulting firm specializing in remote work.

Why you may want to consider a hybrid workplace

Recruitment and retention

Because many employees have become accustomed…

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