Introducing the Nasdaq 100 ESG Covered Call ETF (QYLE) and S&P 500 ESG Covered Call ETF (XYLE) – Global X ETFs

On February 22, 2023, we listed the Nasdaq 100 ESG Covered Call ETF (QYLE) and the S&P 500 ESG Covered Call ETF (XYLE). QYLE and XYLE are the latest additions to Global X’s covered call suite and are designed to offer investors the potential to achieve multiple goals. One goal an investor may have for their portfolio is to take Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) considerations into account in which both ETFs are designed to invest in the equities of large-cap companies who display positive ESG characteristics by tracking an index that employs an ESG screening process. The second goal is that of an income investor, seeking to increase income potential via a covered call strategy that sells call options. These two ETFs are our first covered call related ESG offerings whose portfolios implement this two-pronged ESG and income-oriented strategy.

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