india economic growth: India a much more important force of global economic growth vs European countries: Jim Walker

Renowned economist Jim Walker believes that the global recession in 2023 will be the worst in living memory, but he is extremely bullish on India and sees it as an important force of economic growth for the global economy.

Being the sixth largest economy in the world, India has contributed close to $1.3 trillion to the global demand in the last 10 years, whereas Japan has seen an equal amount of demand destruction, says the chief economist for Hong Kong-based private equity and investment advisory firm Aletheia Capital.

“India is already a much more important force of economic growth for the global economy than countries like Japan and increasingly I would think most European countries,” Walker told ETMarkets in an exclusive interview on the sidelines of IIFL Annual Global Investors’ conference. Edited excerpts:

At a time when most economists believe that a global recession in 2023 might be less…

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