I run a business and I believe in made-in-America, come hell or high water. Here’s how I do it

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People said we couldn’t do it. People said we shouldn’t do it. I said do it anyway. 

But when you say that you want to make a product in America these days, people look at you like you’ve lost your mind. Designers, marketers, parts buyers, suppliers, financiers: everyone asks why you don’t just make it abroad – it’s like a default. But it makes no sense to me. 

A few years ago, I realized that outdoorsmen have awesome knives, tools, boots, rifles, saddles and trucks, but no good work surface. Every man has been yelled at by his wife for turning her cooler upside down and gutting a fish on it. So, I founded Pecos Outdoor to build a rugged, high-quality table. And every time someone told me we had to make them abroad, it just made me want to make them in America more. So that’s what we do. 


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