How To Work On Your Business, Not In It

We’ve all heard the saying, “work on your business, not in it.” But what does that really convey? It means investing time and energy into building a business model and strategy, not just completing day-to-day tasks. After all, a successful enterprise needs both short-term goals (hitting sales targets) and long-term objectives (developing new products/services or exploring new markets).

For any owner-managed business, the key to success lies in discovering ways to free up invaluable … [+] time so that you can devote it solely on what will bring about long-term growth


But, this is particularly challenging for small business owners to accommodate. Without sprawling administrative teams, these leaders often have no choice but to put out fires and focus on the immediate rather than the important. With limited resources, escaping the day-to-day tasks and taking a more strategic view can be…

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