How to start a food business from your home in Pennsylvania

Break out that generations-old secret family recipe, because there’s money to be made — and you can do it all from your home kitchen.

For folks looking for a side hustle or a new career path, an at-home food business might be the low-cost and easy-access business for you to start.

In Pennsylvania, you are legally allowed to operate certain businesses within your home. When it comes to preparing food in home-style kitchens, this is considered a Limited Food Establishment. There are specific food products that are eligible for this kind of business, but if you get the proper licensing, you can start a business right from home and for pretty cheap (the state license is only $35).

There are other food-related businesses you can operate from home like selling raw milk products or at-home meat processing. However, those businesses require more certification, inspections and consulting with government…

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