How crime, lack of childcare is hurting Missouri’s business industry

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — While the Missouri Chamber of Commerce is celebrating a big milestone, they also want stakeholders to know crime and the lack of childcare is affecting Missouri’s economy. 

According to the chamber, more than 30% of parents in Missouri have left a job or passed on an opportunity in the past year because of childcare. At the same time, Missouri has the fourth highest rate of gun deaths in the country. Missouri Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dan Mehan said it’s hurting the state’s business industry. 

“If we can address that problem, that challenge, we will be much better than other states,” Mehan said during the Chamber’s 100th anniversary celebration. “We had a company in downtown St. Louis, across the street from Busch Stadium, say, ‘we’re taking fire on the fourth floor.’ Let that sink in, ‘we’re taking fire on the fourth…

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