How chambers of commerce are bolstering N.J.’s minority-owned business community

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In a business landscape as diverse as New Jersey’s, minority-owned businesses look to chambers of commerce for strength, advocacy, leadership and support. In the following Q&A, leaders from several of the state’s minority-based chambers of commerce discuss the challenges faced by minority-owned businesses and the activities taken to establish, implement and execute their chamber’s mission. 

Panel of Experts: 

The state’s minority chambers of commerce are focused on developing business opportunities, educating its members and being a proactive and influential advocate. Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Jersey’s Best: Please share a bit of background on your chamber of commerce and the constituents you represent. 

Medina: Founded in 1989 and ranked among the largest chambers of commerce in the state, the SHCCNJ has over 4,000 members and is the voice of the…

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