History Suggests the Nasdaq Could Soar in 2023, and Here’s the Stock to Buy If It Does

The Nasdaq-100 index is home to 100 of the largest technology companies listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. It had a miserable year in 2022, declining by 33% as investors trimmed their bets on the high-growth tech sector.

But based on the annual returns of the Nasdaq-100 dating back to 1986, consecutive down years are incredibly rare. In fact, the index has only fallen two years in a row on one occasion — during the dot-com crash between 2000 and 2002. 

While the current environment poses its own unique challenges like red-hot inflation and rapidly rising interest rates, there’s a likelihood that, based on history alone, the Nasdaq could be set for a bumper 2023.

That’s because the index has delivered an average return of 51% in the first positive year following a loss, and given the rarity of consecutive declines, the odds suggest 2023 is likely to be green. But investors will need to see economic…

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