GT Voice: Smearing Chinese economy won’t help US tackle its own woes

Qingdao Port in East China’s Shandong Province Photo: VC

No matter how China adjusts its epidemic prevention and control measures, some in the US always seem to find ways to misinterpret them as posing uncertainty to global supply chains. However, such bias looks increasingly like a cover-up to blur the risk the US economy is about to unleash on the global economy.

The latest example is a report released by the New York Federal Reserve on Friday, which claimed that world supply chain is being challenged by new disruptions in China as the wave of COVID-19 infections threaten to keep pressure on the ability to ship goods out of China. The report noted that China’s recent woes were affecting other Asian economies, and said the future of China’s impact on supply chains is uncertain.

In the latest wave of US and Western media’s smear campaign against the Chinese economy, the impact of China’s epidemic…

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