global economy: Charting the Global Economy: Fed, ECB and BOE slow rate hikes

Three of the worlds’ most influential central banks slowed their pace of interest-rate hikes this week, acknowledging easing price pressures but stressing their jobs to stamp out inflation is far from over.

The Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of England raised rates by 50 basis points this week, following increases of 75 basis points. While the Fed’s decision was unanimous, some policymakers in Europe and the UK favored a more aggressive rise.

Here are some of the charts that appeared on Bloomberg this week on the latest developments in the global economy:


BloombergThe Fed, ECB and BOE headlined a marathon week of central bank meetings. Officials in Mexico, Switzerland, Taiwan, the Philippines, Norway, Denmark and Colombia also raised borrowing costs, while Russia stayed on hold.

BloombergWorld debt as a share of gross domestic product plunged by the most in seven…

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