Four Must-Try Destinations For Dessert In L.A.’s Koreatown ~ L.A. TACO

When people think of eating in and around L.A.’s Koreatown, the journey often begins by scouting for the best tabletop barbecue legend or Hite-fueled happy hour to sit down at, seldom thinking ahead to the important after-dinner dessert decisions they’ll soon be forced to consider.

While more notorious for the level of grilled meats that draw K-pop celebs and reality show icons, Koreatown is blessed with a hidden handful of irresistible treasures that can satisfy the cravings of your sweet tooth and soften the reverberations of gochujang and charcoal on your post-dinner palate.

Here are four incredible places to visit when you are looking to add a little something sweet to your day in Koreatown.

Sul & Beans 

Sul & Beans is hidden on the second floor of the MaDang Courtyard Plaza right next door to SomiSomi, a locally hot soft-serve and taiyaki chain. Its unique flavors of bingsoo, the milk-based, shaved…

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