Expert Insights: Explaining Business Dissolution


Greg Corombos: Hi, I’m Greg Corombos. Our guest in this edition of Expert Insights is Mike Enright. He’s an account manager for CT Corporation. Today we’re going to be talking about dissolution. It’s not something that business owners want to think about. But if it becomes necessary, it’s important to know the process. And, Mike, it’s always good to have you with us.

Mike Enright: Thank you. Same to you. Good to talk to you again, Greg.

GC: Well, like I said, at the very beginning, it’s not a pleasant topic usually when you’re dissolving the business. So talk about why we need to know these things before we get into some of the details.

ME: So dissolution is oftentimes an overlooked portion of the lifecycle of the business. It’s not something anyone wants to think about. But it’s also a very important step for a lot of reasons — just to make sure that the company is wound down as…

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