Eldersburg business donates car to Westminster mom of three in honor of Mother’s Day

John LaScuola believes that “moms can never get enough credit,” so the Eldersburg business owner made a big gesture this Mother’s Day weekend in honor of all mothers, donating a used Subaru Forester to a mother in need.

LaScuola, of LaScuola Motor Works, contacted the nonprofit Shepherd’s Staff and asked them to help him find a mom who would be grateful to receive a donated car in time for Mother’s Day.

The donated 2010 Subaru Forester was driven away from LaScuola Motor Works on Saturday afternoon by mother of three Nancy Gordon of Westminster.

It marks the second vehicle donation by LaScuola this year. In March, LaScuola provided veteran Anthony Morrissette of Westminster with a donated car, which he needed to get to his job as an apartment building maintenance technician.

LaScuola said he hopes to continue the tradition, donating vehicles for major holidays, such as Christmas and Mother’s…

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